When Will Fiber-Optic Internet Be In My Area?

Posted on October 10, 2018


We wish we could be everywhere at once. Building fiber-optic lines takes time and a lot of people working, from customer service representatives taking your order to contractors developing lines along the road, and our installers putting a line from the road to your house and finally installation within the house. This all takes time.

A good way to think of all of the fiber-optic lines installed underground, is if you could imagine driving down every single road in Southeast Kansas. That could take a bit of effort. Now imagine having to dig-up the earth and installing conduit tubing filled with fiber-optic lines throughout all those roads and lawns. That process would take time and a ton of construction. It would cause quite a mess. We currently only have so many contractors working as hard as they can, and on top of that, depending on the weather, rain, sleet, or snow could slow down the process quite a bit, so we need consistently good weather to progress.

Also, to avoid a logistical mess, we work in sections of a town, strategically, to get the most completed without a ton of clutter. When we start in an area, we will always finish an area, but it does take a little patience. We have a multiple of technician’s working full-time, so if we do advertise a new town or area where we are building fiber-optic internet service, it doesn’t mean we are stopping one area of growth and starting another one, rather we are fully staffed to complete all areas advertised at once.

There are other reasons we may not be in your area at this current time. It may be because your area might be out of range of service. We are constantly looking for possible expansion areas, but burying out fiber to a new area is expensive.  If there is enough demand in a particular area, we will evaluate the city, town, neighborhood or rural area as a potential future growth opportunity for our fiber to the home network.  Other issues we encounter that slow our expansion process is putting fiber under bodies of water like rivers and lakes, under railroads, and other natural or man-made obstacles.

If you are interested in fiber-optic internet and want to see if you’re eligible for service, Click HERE, or call 620-724-8235.