Your safety is our business! Since 1983, Craw-Kan Communication Systems has offered state-of-the-art technology to protect your property, assets and peace of mind. From convenient, easy-to-operate residential systems to expandable business installations, our technicians can customize a system to best fit your needs.

Our security systems are engineered to be flexible and expandable. We can scale a system to protect a single room, building, a company wide enterprise, and everything in-between. Our systems are highly configurable for a variety of needs. We offer protection through video surveillance, motion detection, intrusion, burglary, fire, smoke, glass breakage, and just about anything to protect your home or business.

With a Craw-Kan security system, your assets are always protected. Motion detectors, smoke alarms, intrusion detectors, even cameras are strategically positioned in separate zones or areas throughout the building. If glass is shattered, a door comes open, smoke alarm goes off, or a violation occurs in any one of the zones, we can tell exactly where the problem is. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the problem is immediately reported to the local authorities, and help is on the way.

Medical Alert Systems

Through our medical alert telephone, we offer a great solution for those of us who could use a helping hand. A neck pendant with a large, easy to see button is worn. In an emergency when help is needed, the wearer simply pushes the easy to access button on the neck pendant, and the medical alert telephone instantly dials up to four previously configured telephone numbers. Emergency 911 services, a loved one, a trusted friend, or all three can be dialed. Help would be on the way without having to actually dial the telephone. The wireless neck pendant offers the freedom of mobility throughout the house, without having to worry about reaching the telephone.

To set up an installation time, or to just learn more about how a security system would provide protection for your home or business, give us a call locally at 620.724.8235 or out of area at 1.800.362.0316