Posted on June 11, 2018

Here’s a friendly reminder to be aware if someone claims to be with a company, like Craw-Kan, but the situation might not feel authentic. Here’s some guidelines to follow if you’re caught in a situation.


We DO NOT want you living in fear of scammers. In fact, only one or two people might be doing such scams and are turned away most of the time. But WE DO want to keep you informed!

If someone works for Craw-Kan, they will be dressed in the proper attire, usually with a logo of the company on their apparel or vehicle. If there isn’t a Craw-Kan logo on their outfit or vehicle, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work for or with us, but you should be more aware in those moments. We also have contractors working with us as we develop fiber internet into new territory’s. Below are some trusted company logos that are associated with Craw-Kan. We may have other contractors and sub-contractors working with Craw-Kan, so when in doubt, call us at 620-724-8235.



Go To The Source

If you feel you are talking to someone that’s saying something outlandish about Craw-Kan, the best option is to call us at 620-724-8235 and tell us about your situation. We can verify whether the information you heard is valid or not.

Be Informed

The best way to be a smart consumer is to be a well-informed consumer. At Craw-Kan, we suggest you follow us on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Subscribing to our emails is another great online source for verified content, as well as our blog posts.


Always remember, don’t get bit, get gigabit!