Smart Home Technology To Raise Home’s IQ

Posted on July 30, 2018

To simply say, technology has made our lives easier is an understatement. Many of us remember a time before technology exploded, digitally, when the internet was either non-existent or in its infancy, and back then smartphones weren’t in the hands of everyone we knew. Our basis for future possibilities came from TV shows like “The Jetsons” and “Star Trek”, as well as blockbuster movies like “Back to the Future II”, all of which provided technological ideas and the effects such inventions could have on our future. At the time, it all seemed like a fantasy, but still, many of us hoped for a day when just a few of these modernization’s would come to pass.

Fast Forward To Today



Many of Hollywood’s inventive predictions have turned out to be fairly spot on. Take today’s smart home technology, for example. Although not exactly what was portrayed on television, smart home technology is certainly raising homes’ IQs.

Smart home technology refers to smart devices connected through a home network, allowing for the remote management of certain home functions with a push of a button. Some of these functions could be smart thermostats, garage door openers, appliances, door locks, security cameras, and much more that can be controlled with apps from your smartphone. Google Home and Amazon Echo can answer questions, play our favorite songs, and control connected devices through voice instructions, when configured to do so. Currently, more than 39 million Americans now possess this type of device. Something new is introduced daily, leaving some of us scratching our heads to understand how it works, but through it all, we embrace technology for how it improves the quality of our lives and we seek out the latest tools and devices to add to our collection. As remarkable as all this technology is, however, none of it would work without the power of the internet.

Craw-Kan brings that power with the fastest and most affordable speed packages in the area. Whether you have just a few devices or THE coolest, smartest home on your block, we have what you need.  We have three cost-effective residential plans, and for high-end users, our GigaCenter is included to establish an even richer and more optimized in-home experience.

So even though some of the fantastical entertainment industry’s inventions are yet to be realized (flying cars and “real” hover boards come to mind), it seems to be just a matter of time. Smart technology is getting smarter, and new devices continue to be introduced. Craw-Kan is a provider of telephone service to rural Kansas since the 1950’s, and we have developed our services from home security, phone lines, to some of the best internet speeds available today, providing the power and capacity you need to make your life work efficiently.