Rural Community Outreach Program

Posted on August 29, 2018

Are you a business or organization that wants to see more growth in your community? You may be applicable for an annual grant that will help kick start your endeavor to help your community enhance their quality of life.

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) works in cooperation with the NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association (NTCA). The FRS is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization and interested applicants may request grants in the range of $250 to $5,000. Each grant is a one-time award. Projects may be funded at a lesser amount than requested.

What is the NTCA?

The NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, is the premier association representing nearly 850 independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and small-town America. Craw-Kan is a member of the NTCA and we want to increase the quality of life by advancing an understanding certain rural issues, particularly broadband.

Who can qualify for this grant?

The foundation supports organizations and projects that fit into the following grant categories:

  • Business and Economic Development Entrepreneurship and job creation programs.
  • Community Development Outreach programs that promote technology learning and innovation.
  • Programs that encourage rural development through arts and tourism.
  • Education Technology in the classroom (computers, smart boards), curriculum development, extracurricular activities and distance-learning programs.
  • Telecommunications Broadband adoption projects; applications of broadband, including in healthcare, agriculture, and education; and technology infrastructure, such as community hot spots.

The FRS gives priority to projects that could be fully funded by the grant maximum of $5,000 or have 75% or more of the project currently funded. Some broad examples would be:

  • Broadband enabled, technology focused projects.
  • Something that has a long-term impact for the community and its residents.
  • Promotes community participation and engagement.
  • Makes rural communities a better place to live and work.


2017 grant recipients include the following:


Allegany Co. Community Opportunities and Rural Development (ACCORD) (Belmont, NY)

Awarded $5,000 for a small business training program. Endorsed by Armstrong Telephone Co.

Barclay College, Teacher Education Department (Haviland, KS)

Awarded $1,600 to develop additional curriculum to enhance educational opportunities in Haviland school districts, where schools have operated on a four-day school week since 2010. Endorsed by Haviland Telephone Co.

Brown County Public Library (Mount Sterling, IL)

Awarded $5,000 for a technology upgrade for the library, which is the only location with free public use of computers and a public Wi-Fi hotspot in the high-poverty community. Endorsed by Adams Telephone Co.

Hocking County Municipal Court Telecommunications Development (Logan, OH)

Awarded $5,000 to combat recidivism and relapses, exacerbated by the opioid crisis, by establishing a video system to allow defendants to remotely connect with officials, probation officers and counselors. As with many rural Appalachian communities struggling with the opioid crisis, Hocking County’s courts have been involved in many outreach projects to combat the problem. Transportation to probation and counseling appointments is a challenge due to a lack of a public bus service. Endorsed by Ohio Telecom Association.

Lake Francis Case Development Corp. (Chamberlain, SD)

Awarded $5,000 to purchase laptops and software to help residents apply for jobs online. Endorsed by Midstate Communications.

Montrose Memorial Hospital (Montrose, CO)

Awarded $5,000 to implement a telehealth program that concentrates on follow-up assessments for patients following an illness or new medical diagnosis. Endorsed by Nucla-Naturita Telephone.

New Hope Academy, Inc. (Oil Springs, KY)

Awarded $4,000 to purchase computers for classroom usage in a high-poverty, Appalachian region of the state. Most students do not have computers at home and the shared lab is not sufficient for all students to have access. Endorsed by Mountain Telephone.

Pine Haven Elementary School (Jamestown, TN)

Awarded $5,000 for Chromebooks and a cart for educational use of K-5 students. Endorsed by Twin Lakes Telephone.

Powder River First Responders (Broadus, MT)

Awarded $5,000 to enhance a Cardiac Ready Community Project. A service area of over 4,000 square miles makes it difficult for the eight-member, all-volunteer team to get residents to and from the medical facility. The grant will help them implement hands only CPR and AED usage training for residents for free. Endorsed by Range Telephone Co.

Westfields Hospital and Clinic Foundation (New Richmond, WI)

Awarded $5,000 for laptops with webcams to facilitate mental health assessments in rural emergency rooms via a telemedicine crisis center. Endorsed by Baldwin Lightstream; Lakeland Communications; Northwest Communications.

Yadkin Early College High School (Yadkinville, NC)

Awarded $4,400 for Google Expedition Kids virtual reality equipment that brings learning experiences and field trips to the classroom. The school is in a rural area with many low-income families and lacks funding for field trips. Endorsed by Yadtel.

The FRS will not fund grants to the following:

  • Individuals
  • Scholarship programs
  • International organizations
  • Lobbying and political activities
  • Ticketed events
  • Infrastructure/Building campaigns
  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments
  • Event sponsorships
  • Community food programs


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