Phone Scam Alert!

Posted on September 21, 2018

We’ve received reports from some of our customers about suspicious phone calls they are receiving. Customers are getting phone calls regarding a compromise with their home IP address, and these scammers are asking for the IP address numbers over the phone lines.

Some of these scammers are using malicious spoofing techniques, where they are disguising their phone number to look like a local phone number. In some cases, these scammers are spoofing people by using the exact same phone number the customer owns, so it appears as if you’re receiving a phone call from yourself. Scammers might try to use this information to install malware on your home device, but the reasoning for gathering such information is unknown, yet you should not give out personal information.


You should never answer the phone from a phone number you don’t know. If it’s someone you know using an unfamiliar number, this person will likely leave you a voicemail.

If you do answer a spoofed phone call, do not give out personal information. Some tactics scammers use is fear, and they’ll proport to be from a company and say that your internet or phone line will be shut-off within 24 hours if you do not cooperate with them. This is a scam! At Craw-Kan, and other telecommunication companies, we will send you a notice in the mail if there is going to be a service disconnection. We will also not call you regarding technical issues unless you have reached out to us. If there is an outage or issue that will affect you, we will send out information through our text alert system and social media outlets.

If you are on the phone with an unknown caller and feel you are being scammed, it’s advised to hang up the phone. For telemarketer calls, you can ask to be on a Do-Not-Call List, which covers your number from being contacted for sales calls, however, you still may receive political calls, charitable calls, debt collection calls, informational calls, and telephone survey calls.

In addition, companies may still call if you’ve recently done business with the company, or if you’ve given the company written permission to call you. However, if you ask a company not to call you again, it must honor your request. Record the date of your request.

If you continue to receive calls after you’ve completed everything mentioned, you may request to have your phone number changed by your phone company.

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Be Informed

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