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  • What is VoIP
    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. All that means is we offer telephone service by sending voice data in packets using IP, rather than by traditional circuit transmissions. If you are a customer who is a Non-Member who lives outside of our 33 boundary exchange lines, you will receive VoIP as your telephone service.
  • Can I keep my phone number?
    Yes! We understand the hassle of telling friends and family that you have a new phone number. If you are a new customer with Craw-Kan, we will transfer your phone number from your previous provider.
  • I don’t pay for long distance, but it shows up on my bill as Craw-Kan Long Distance. Why is that?
    Customers may see “Craw-Kan Long Distance” on their bill. No need to worry. VoIP includes unlimited long-distance calling, so if you are seeing a line-item about long distance on your bill, just know that is offered to you as part of your voice service at no extra cost.
  • Do I get Caller ID?
    Yes! Caller ID is included with all of our voice services.