Posted on February 12, 2016


We’ve received reports from some of our members about a suspicious email being sent around to @ckt.net email addresses. The email tries to get the victim to click on a link to increase your CKT email storage.

First, we never send out emails like this. Second, if you ever have a question about an email like this call our Help Desk immediately at 620-724-8838. And last, never click on a link in an email even if you have a little bit of suspension over it’s authenticity.

We’ve taken the steps necessary to block the malicious link on our network. However, this DOES NOT eliminate potential risk. If you receive this message please trash it or mark it as spam.

Below is an example of the email scam:
Dear Craw-Kan Member,
Some of your incoming emails are currently being rejected as your storage limit of 30MB has being exceeded; click below to increase storage on your next signin.
Thank you for using our mail system.
Online Services Team.
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