Ways To Pay

We have been up and running live on our new billing system for several months.  If you haven’t already noticed, this means several changes (for the better) in ways you can pay your bill!  You can pay online using the secure Craw-Kan “SmartHub” website.  You can follow the “New User?” registration link to set up your account.  It is easiest if you have a statement available, as you will need to enter some information, including email address and six digit account number.  Once logged in you can pay your bill, view old billing and payment information, and manage account information – including security information, auto-pay, and paperless billing options.  There is even a smartphone app for your iOS or Android device!  Be in control of your account at all times using the SmartHub website or mobile app!

Another feature of our new billing system is the introduction of a “Call Capture” telephone payment system.  To utilize Call Capture to make a payment, you simply need to know your six digit account number and the 4 digit account pin. The default pin is the last 4 numbers of your social security number if we have it on file, else you will need to call customer service and set up a 4 digit pin.  Once you have this information you simply call our fully automated “Call Capture” line at 620-724-5283 or toll free 1-844-206-7872.  Simply follow listen closely and follow the menus to make your payment securely over the phone.

Payments on both our SmartHub website and apps, as well as “Call Capture” phone payment system can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and e-check using your bank account.  If you have any  questions feel free to call customer service at 620-724-8235.

Automatic payments are taken out on the 10th of every month (or the next business day following the 10th).