Asbury and Weir Fiber Cutover Nearly Complete – Uniontown to Begin Soon!

Posted on May 20, 2021

In 2017 Craw-Kan began a massive construction project using funding obtained from a 60 million dollar USDA RUS loan to bring fiber to the home to 18 complete exchanges.  To date we have completed Girard, Arma, Pleasanton, Cherokee, Purcell, Mulberry and Arcadia.  We are happy to announce that Asbury and Weir are nearly completely cut over to our fiber to the home (ftth) network.  We are currently completing main line construction in Uniontown with in-home cutovers to begin very soon.  The process of building a fiber optic network is expensive and time consuming – but when it is done, it is provides the fastest, most reliable ultra high speed internet that you can get!  All customers on fiber are able to get HDTV, Telephone and Gigabit internet without worrying about lag and buffering – no matter how many devices are connected to the wi-fi!  If you are in any of these exchanges and want to upgrade to $70 gigabit, call us today!