What Can I Do With A Gigabit Of Speed?

All that data means that you can do everything you already do online but a lot faster and a lot more of it! Your current streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as web browsing will be supported, but with higher speeds, less buffering, and less congestion on your home network. That said, there are multiple specific uses that benefit dramatically from the Craw-Kan’s fiber-optic lines that gigabit connectivity offers.

  • Streaming video: All that bandwidth means lag-free HBOGo, Netflix, and more, even when you're watching different shows on different devices at once. But the real improvement is that you can watch 4K videos (and higher) which uses four to five times as much data as a 1080p stream, will be just as fast, without the ceaseless loading and buffer times you may experience on standard broadband.
  • Online gaming: Anyone who has ever lost a game due to a slow connection will appreciate the switch to gigabit speeds. With matching upload/download speeds, you'll never need to worry about slow ping rates and spotty connections.
  • Multiple users: Finally, the best and largest reason to switch to gigabit speed isn't to satisfy one prolific data hog like a teenager who is online all day and night, but rather several users. A family of four can max out a broadband connection quite easily with little more than a Netflix Binge Watching Party and a round of Fortnite online, but gigabit speeds promise to support far more data simultaneously, making it possible to stream music in the kitchen, a movie in the living room, and a game in the kids' rooms without a missing a beat.